Add an article in contracts with diving centers and article commit centers to comply with the guidelines issued by CDWS regarding the sustainable use of the marine resources during the diving activities

Create incentives for staff to support biodiversity conservation, e.g. through a ‘Green Employee of the Month’ award

Provide advice on safety issues to consider when diving and ensure that safety considerations are strictly applied in relation to conditions of equipment and diving requirements

Provide staff with any necessary training, and ask them for their ideas and suggestions for biodiversity actions that the hotel could support

Regularly check (e.g. annually) with local authorities and associations for species added to CITES lists and national legislation controlling or banning trade in threatened species. (Support can be provided by Red Sea Protectorates)

Review existing sea water quality standards, testing, and enforcement

Set a hotel biodiversity conservation policy. Appoint a senior manager and/or ‘green team’ to take responsibility for hotel biodiversity actions

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