Segregate waste at source

Segregate waste at source

Check regularly if the segregation of wastes is being practiced by waste records.

Collect biodegradable organic wastes separately

Collect chemical containers according to the manufacturer’s instructions and send them back to the suppliers.

Diapers should be treated as infectious waste

Dispose of non-reusable and non-recyclable wastes using appropriate methods.

Distinguish containers by means of colors, labels, or symbols (pictograms) for each type of waste.

Improve waste collection by adding compartments to room service trolleys for different types of wastes.

Medical waste collected from waiting areas and placed in strong black bags with a tight lock.

Medical waste dealers should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (high boots, long-sleeved dress, heavy glove type, muzzle, or goggles and face shield) and continuously clean their hands thoroughly.

Organize segregation in the guest rooms with clear communication to hotel guests

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