Thermal Energy

Thermal Energy

Avoid keeping equipment such as televisions, hair dryers, and lamps close to air conditioning thermostats. The heat from these appliances can affect the thermostat readings and increase energy consumption

Check HVAC system at least once a year and repair if necessary

Choose the right size of pots and pans suited to the amount of food that needs to be cooked

Clean fat filters in the exhaust at least once a year

Clean the fridge condenser coils every 3 months. 25% more energy is consumed in maintaining the right temperature if dust and dirt accumulate on the coils

Close the blinds or drapes in unoccupied rooms

Do not place hot food in the refrigerator make sure it is cooled first

Do not put items right in front of the refrigerant coils or fans in a way that would restrict air circulation

Ensure that doors and windows are closed when the Air-conditioning is on

Equip refrigerators, cold stores, heating cupboards and ovens with intact draught excluders

Insulate and monitor hot water and cooling pipes. Monitor the insulation regularly

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