House Keeping

House Keeping

Disinfect chairs and tables, toys, pool safety equipment and other high touch surfaces frequently and after use by patrons or staff

Dispose of non-reusable and non-recyclable wastes using appropriate methods.

Distinguish containers by means of colors, labels, or symbols (pictograms) for each type of waste.

Do not replace unopened bottled water in guest rooms unnecessarily

Do regular ventilation while guests are not in their rooms

Encourage guests and staff to save energy and water by using informative tips in guestrooms and staff house.

Ensure that doors and windows are closed when the Air-conditioning is on

Implement a towel and linen change system. Towels and linen will only be changed upon request

Improve waste collection by adding compartments to room service trolleys for different types of wastes.

Make hotel policies against covid-19 clear and clarify the guest’s role in them

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