House Keeping

House Keeping

Prevent smoking in all closed areas

Provide plastic bags for used utensils to be placed in for pick up by housekeeping staff

Purchase toilets with a maximum consumption of 6 liter/flush. The toilets must have a 3/6 liter dual flush

Re-use cleaning gloves, safety aprons or reusable plastics, with soap and water, and then remove contaminants with concentrated sodium hydrochloride solution 5.0% every time it is used.

Sanitizer should be provided in each room for guests to use

Set the temperature in guest rooms, reception and other indoor areas to 23 deg. C and not below

Some proof of disinfection should be visible on the door (sticker, card, etc…)

Train the Staff, especially Stewards and Housekeeping on the importance of saving water & have a system in check to look for leaks and dripping taps

Turn-off Air-conditioning in banquet hall, function rooms or restaurants as soon as they are closed

Use eco – friendly cleaning products

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