As far as possible, reuse the laundry room’s plastic bags or replace them with wicker baskets or cloth bags.

Choose sustainable products (reusable – less packaging) and use them correctly to increase their life span

Cleaning chemicals shall be stored in their original containers and never mixed, even if they are the same “type” of chemical

Collect chemical containers according to the manufacturer’s instructions and send them back to the suppliers.

Determine the quantities and the composition of wastes

Inspect workplace: Regularly check all equipment and tools to ensure that they are maintained and safe to use. Check storage areas and review safe work procedures

Operate washing machines only with full loads

Purchase industrial dishwashers and laundry machines, and not conventional domestic appliances

Re-use cleaning gloves, safety aprons or reusable plastics, with soap and water, and then remove contaminants with concentrated sodium hydrochloride solution 5.0% every time it is used.

Read the labels and the safety data sheets (SDSs) that accompany chemicals

Reduce the temperature of water used for laundry from 85 deg. C to 60 deg. C and wash in cold water using cold water detergents when possible

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