Add an article in contracts with diving centers and article commit centers to comply with the guidelines issued by CDWS regarding the sustainable use of the marine resources during the diving activities

Avoid purchasing species that are locally, regionally or globally depleted, except from sustainable sources

Bird friendly landscaping

Bird friendly maintenance of vegetation (mowing, trimming & pruning)

Check that plants used in your hotel’s grounds and gardens are not listed as invasive species

Conduct an accurate inventory of the terrestrial and coastal habitats and ecosystems with a high biological value in the surrounding area.

Conduct mapping and zoning of ecological sensitivity of coastal and marine zones.

Create incentives for staff to support biodiversity conservation, e.g. through a ‘Green Employee of the Month’ award

Define the ecological sensitive areas.

Distinguish containers by means of colors, labels, or symbols (pictograms) for each type of waste.

Don’t use any items that are obtained from threatened species or populations (either on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species,, or on the CITES Appendices,

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