Bird friendly maintenance of vegetation (mowing, trimming & pruning)

Buffets and drink machines. All areas and items handled by guests should be disinfected regularly. At buffets, guests should avoid handling food

Carry out periodic checks of emergency exit routes

Changing hotel policies e.g.: No more than four guests should be permitted per elevator at a time

Check expiration dates of foodstuffs and use food items in the order in which they were purchased – “first-in, first-out”

Check HVAC system at least once a year and repair if necessary

Check manufacturers’ instructions for the equipment and keep these instructions clear by all means, such as signs, constantly

Check regularly if the segregation of wastes is being practiced by waste records.

Check that plants used in your hotel’s grounds and gardens are not listed as invasive species

Check your sprinkler system valves for leaks regularly

Choose suppliers based on their compliance with your standards, and by specifying requirements for the goods and services that you obtain from them

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