Solid Waste Index

The Calculator defines an index to specific consumptions called the “annual solid waste generation index” of a hotel. With stable operations and good maintenance practices, this index does not generally vary by more than 20% from one year to the next. This index is generally used to track the long-term solid waste generation patterns of property and, for example, evaluate the overall impact of its solid waste reduction efforts.

According to the International Benchmark the median rate of waste generation across the European 4 starts hotels chain is 1.05 kg (3.1 liter) per guest-night, this includes sorted and unsorted wastes. However, waste generation in the hotel industry varies globally. The typical range for waste generation in hotels according to the international benchmark as follow:


Hotel Profile


Benchmark value for waste produced




Luxury serviced hotels









Excellent: The best that typical hotels could expect to achieve.

Satisfactory: The gap between the best that most hotels could expect to achieve and average performance.

High: The gap between the satisfactory level of performance and high waste production. A figure greater than this is excessive and illustrates poor waste management practices.

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