About ESTP

The Egyptian Sustainable Tourism Portal (ESTP) is the first online tool dedicated for hospitality professionals and tourism experts to help increase the adoption of green and cost-effective measures in the accommodation sector.

The ultimate objective of ESTP is to integrate environmental and cost-efficient measures in tourism operations, therefore allowing environmental best practices to become an integral part of managerial decision making.

ESTP is a vital for the creation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) across the hospitality sector in Egypt.
ESTP offers a wide range of tailored sustainable measures and recommendations for the Egyptian hospitality sector.

Measures provided are categorized by department to ensure ease of access and use by all hotel employees and will be available for download through the ESTP platform.

The ESTP guidelines will be accompanied by a number of readily accessible factsheets which include recommendations of relatively moderate CAPEX and technical complexity that mainly rely on managerial reforms, updates …etc.

Factsheets and pre-feasibility studies will be presented in a template table to support the qualitative and quantitative assessment of financial and technical aspects with regards to ESTP measures.

The ESTP toolbox includes an innovative online calculator helping industry professionals make quick, efficient and sustainable decisions on-the-go. ESTP is determined to strengthen the digital and green transformation of the hospitality sector in Egypt.


Available are online calculations for a hotel’s solid waste index, pool temperature control, piping insulation, and garden lights usage that guarantee increased savings, lower environmental impact and reduced CO2 emissions.

ESTP have been developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment (MoE), the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA), the Egyptian Hotel Association (EHA), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Egypt’s Tourism (MBDT) project.

All measures, recommendations and solutions provided through ESTP have been developed following in-depth analysis of the Egyptian hospitality sector to confirm applicability and maintain sectoral sustainability.

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