Prepare a health and safety management plan

Prepare a health and safety management plan

Classify the risks according to how dangerous and repetitive they are to you through previous dealing with workers and visitors inside the hotel

Creating a culture that supports open communication is important. Regular meetings with staff to discuss health and safety issues

Investigate incidents: Investigate causes of incidents, including dangerous occurrences and Find ways to change procedures or equipment to help prevent similar incidents from occurring

Maintain records: Keep records of all first-aid treatment, inspections, incident investigations and training activities

Prepare a comprehensive health and safety plan inside the hotel by taking into account all the different sectors of the hotel with all the potential risks

Provide all the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for all sectors of the hotel

Train workers: Provide written instructions and safe work procedures. Supervise workers to ensure that they are using their training

Use a ladder or stepstool to reach items on higher shelves

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